Dynamic balancer “Balanset-1A” OEM

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Features/ComponentsBalanset-1A Full KitBalanset-1A OEM
Balanset-1A Interface Unit
Vibration Sensors (x2)
Optical Sensor (Laser Tachometer)
Magnetic Stand
Plastic Transportation Case
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Portable Balancer Overview

The Balanset-1A is a dual-channel vibration balancing and analysis device designed to work with a variety of rotor types including crushers, fans, mulchers, augers on combines, shafts, centrifuges, turbines and many others. It provides high precision and efficient balancing through a range of advanced features and technologies.



    The Balanset-1A device offers a comprehensive range of functionalities for rotor balancing and vibration analysis:

    Vibrometer Mode:

    • Tachometer: Accurately measures rotational speed (RPM).
    • Phase: Determines the vibration signal’s phase angle for precise analysis.
    • 1x Vibration: Analyzes the fundamental frequency component.
    • FFT Spectrum: Offers detailed frequency spectrum analysis of vibration signals.
    • Overall Vibration: Monitors overall vibration levels.
    • Measurement Log: Saves measurement data for further analysis.

    Balancing Mode:

    • Single Plane Balancing: Reduces vibration by balancing rotors in a single plane.
    • Two Plane Balancing: Achieves dynamic balancing by balancing rotors in two planes.
    • Polar Graph: Accurately places weights by visualizing imbalance in a polar graph.
    • Restore Last Session: Resumes previous balancing sessions for convenience.
    • Tolerance Calculator (ISO 1940): Computes acceptable balancing tolerances according to ISO 1940.
    • Grinding Wheel Balancing: Utilizes 3 counterweights for balancing grinding wheels.


    • Overall Charts: Visual representation of overall vibration.
    • 1x Charts: Displays vibration patterns of the fundamental frequency component.
    • Harmonic Charts: Indicates the presence and impact of harmonic frequencies.
    • Spectrum Charts: Graphical representation of the frequency spectrum for detailed analysis.

    Additional Capabilities:

    • Archive: Stores and retrieves past balancing sessions.
    • Reports: Generates detailed reports of balancing outcomes.
    • Re-balancing: Facilitates the repetition of the balancing process with saved data.
    • Serial Production Balancing: Suitable for rotor balancing in serial production.

    Balanset-1A also supports both Imperial and Metric systems, ensuring global compatibility and convenience.


    • 2x Vibration Sensors (Vibro Accelerometers, cable length 4m, optional 10m)
    • 1x Optical Sensor (Laser Tachometer, distance: 50 to 500mm, cable length 4m, optional 10m)
    • 1x USB Interface Module with Software for PC Connection
    • Software Capabilities: Measures vibration, phase angle, and calculates the value and angle of the correction mass.


    • Amplitude Vibration Range: 0.05-100 mm/sec
    • Vibration Frequency Range: 5 – 300 Hz
    • Accuracy: 5% of Full Scale
    • Correction Planes: 1 or 2
    • Rotation Speed Measurement: 150-60,000 rpm
    • Phase Angle Measurement Accuracy: ±1 degree
    • Power: 140-220VAC, 50Hz
    • Weight: 4 KG

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