Fig.3 Dynamic unbalance of the rotor. The forces Fc1 and Fc2 create a moment tending to unbalance the rotor.

Introduction to rotor balancing

The rotor is a body which rotates about some axis and is held by its bearing surfaces in the supports. The bearing surfaces of the rotor transmit loads to the supports via rolling or sliding bearings. The bearing surfaces are the surfaces of the trunnions or the surfaces that replace them. In a perfectly balanced rotor, its mass is distributed symmetrically about the axis of rotation, i.e., any element of the rotor can be matched with another element located symmetrically about the axis of rotation. In a balanced rotor, the centrifugal force acting on any rotor element is balanced by Read more…

Balancing the crusher at the Nestlé plant.

In June of last year, a contractor servicing the Nestle plant that produces pet food reached out to me. One of the crushers had an increased vibration after maintenance. The vibration level was 8-9 mm/s, which exceeded permissible values. After balancing, the values were within the norm: 1.5 mm/s and 1.7 mm/s. Using stainless steel plates as balancing weights. I was impressed by the structured cable system.

Balancing the crusher at the Nestlé plant.
Portable vibrometer-balancer ArBalance

Portable vibrometer balancer ArBalance.

During the balancing of the Fecon forestry mulcher with the FAE attachment, our specialist recorded short videos of the rotor balancing process. In this video, a portable balancing device, the ArBalance vibration analyzer, is used. The balancing process is similar to the process with the Balanset-1A device. The technical characteristics of the device are similar, and vibration sensors and a laser tachometer are suitable for both devices. If desired, the ArBalance can also be used as a measuring system for machines. Its main difference is that the ArBalance is completely autonomous and does not require connection to an external power Read more…

Modernization of an old balancing machine with hard-bearing supports.

Earlier in the article, I described the modernization of an old balancing machine with soft-bearing supports. For such machines, we install the Balanset-1A balancing device in the case of machines with two supports, and the Balanset-4 in the case of machines with more supports. In this article, we will consider the modernization of an old balancing machine with hard-bearing supports. Their supports are made in the form of rigid plates with shaped grooves (slots). The natural vibration frequencies of these supports are significantly (at least 2-3 times) higher than the maximum rotational speed of the rotor being balanced on the Read more…

Upgrading an old balancing machine with hard-bering supports. Using the Balanset as a measuring system.
Balancing stand with soft support.

Balancing stand with soft support.

  The image shows a simple balancing stand being used to balance gears. The main feature of softbearing support balancing stands is that they have relatively compliant supports based on spring suspensions, spring-mounted carriages, flat or cylindrical spring supports, and so on. The natural frequency of oscillation of these supports is at least 2-3 times lower than the rotation frequency of the balanced rotor that is mounted on them. As shown in Figure, the movable frame (slider) 2 is attached to the fixed support posts 1 of the stand using a suspension system with ribbon springs 3. Under the influence Read more…

Portable balancer, vibration analyzer, and balancer machine Balanset-1A.

Over the course of more than 5 years, approximately  thousand devices of the Balanset series have been produced. During this time, three versions of the device have been released, and a lot of work has been done to improve both the device itself and its software. We strive for continuous improvement! We respond to the requests of our customers by adding new features. Throughout the entire existence of our company, we have continued to adhere to our pricing policy and strive to keep prices as low as possible, constantly expanding the capabilities of our devices and improving their quality.

Portable balancer, vibration analyzer, and balancer machine Balanset-1A.
Balancing cardan shaft, crankshaft and clutch basket directly on the motor grader

About the experience of balancing the cardan shaft directly on the motor grader.

Found an old correspondence between our lead specialist and one of our customers.Correspondence from ten years ago! Autor : Valery Davydovich Introduction I must admit that I was very surprised and pleased with the results of the letter written to us by Andrey Kobyakov, the driver of the motor grader. His letter even surprised me – a specialist with more than 35 years of experience in the field of vibrodiagnostics and balancing. And for a long time I worked in the defense industry and balanced more than 1500 different machines and mechanisms starting from ordinary fans and smoke pumps and Read more…