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The first is the cost of the device. "Balanset" provides high quality and performance of dynamic balancing of technological equipment at a significantly lower price compared to analogues.


We have created the device as simple, durable and maintainable as possible. The device itself is in an aluminum case with metal connectors, and the sensors cost about 100 euros. In the event that they are wound on the rotor (believe me this happens), it is not expensive to replace them with new ones. I personally take a set of spare sensors with me, in case of an emergency. It is doubly unpleasant to come back without having achieved success in work and without receiving a reward due to an unpleasant incident. You will be sure to get the job done.


It is very important to know that even without being a specialist you will be able to perform even difficult work, because in case of problems you can contact our support through such popular instant messengers as Instagram, WhatsApp or Telegram. You can send videos and photos and our specialists will help you with balancing.



Balanset-1A is a two-channel device for balancing and vibration analysis.
With it, you can balance rotors such as: Crushers , fans, mulchers, choppers on combine harvesters, shafts, centrifuges, turbines, etc...






Balanset-1A. Portable balancer , vibration analyzer




Balanset-4 is a four-channel device. With it, you can balance cardan shafts, or rotors installed in 4 supports.
Most often, this device is purchased to create a machine for balancing cardan shafts.






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