About us

Our company OU "Vibromera" is engaged in development and manufacture of various devices for technical diagnostics and dynamic balancing of industrial equipment, including:
-Determination of technical condition, geometrical accuracy cutting machines
-Systems of continuous monitoring of technical condition of gearboxes
-Dynamic balancing of rotors in own bearings. They are used for balancing shafts, balancing fans, crushers and other process equipment at the mount site.
-Measuring systems of balancing machines or stands for dynamic balancing of rotors.


Our company manufactures the “Balanset-1” and "Balanset-4" devices for rotors dynamic balancing. The devices can perform:

  • Rotors dynamic balancing on balancing machines, using the “Balanset-1” device as a measuring system;
  • Rotary devices dynamic balancing under the field conditions; In comparison with similar equipment from other developers, the proposed devices have a number of important advantages, characterized by:
  • easy operation and user-friendly interface. (Minimum time is needed for mastering the devices, since the philosophy of their use and the design have the “Plug and Work” mode).
  • possibility to achieve various rotor mechanisms dynamic balancing high quality and performance.
  • 2 vibration sensors within the standard supply package, which significantly increase the rotors dynamic balancing quality and performance in their own bearings.
  • lower price relative to similar devices from other manufacturers.
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