1536 €
Good quality balancing

The device in its characteristics is identical to the device of the previous version.
Reduced size, durable aluminum housing.

The “Balanset-1A” device is a portable balancing unit designed for balancing the rotors revolving in their own bearings in one or two correction planes.

The equipment includes: two vibration sensors, a phase angle sensor and a measuring unit connected to a tablet or a laptop. It can be applied when performing installation and repair work in order to reduce the dynamic loads affecting the bearing units of machines due to their imbalance. At the same time, the service life of machines and mechanisms increases significantly. The balancing unit makes it possible in many cases to eliminate the need for specialized balancing machines, since the rotor is balanced in its own bearings without disassembling the mechanism.

The modified “Balanset-1A” can be used as a measuring system of the balancing machine, if ever. The whole balancing process, which includes measuring, processing and displaying information about the weight and installation place of corrective weights, is performed automatically and does not require additional skills beyond the operational manual.

The results of all balances are stored in the Balancing Archive and, if necessary, can be printed as certificates in pdf format. In addition to balancing, the “Balanset-1” device can also be used as an ordinary vibration meter, providing the ability to measure the root mean square value (RMS) of the total vibration, RMS of the vibration reverse component and the measured rotation rate. Also, the “Balanset-1A” device provides an opportunity to display graphs of the time function and vibration spectrum by vibration velocity, which can be useful when analyzing the technical condition of a balanced machine.