Examples of Crusher Balancing 

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Pre-Balancing Conditions

Before balancing any crusher, it's imperative that the mechanism is technically sound and securely placed in its regular operation spot. If that's not the case, the mechanism must first be repaired, positioned on functional bearings, and properly anchored. Also, the rotor mechanism must be cleaned of any debris or substances that could interfere with the balancing process.

Customer Responsibilities

The client is responsible for providing a safe working environment for the balancing process. This includes safe protocols for turning the machinery on and off. Additionally, the customer must allocate personnel for any required mechanical and welding work that grants access to the rotor for balancing and for the placement of test and corrective weights.

Technical Requirements

For the successful completion of the balancing work, access to a 220 V 50 Hz power network is needed to operate the balancing device.


Balancing a crusher is a detailed process that requires precise conditions, both mechanical and operational. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a successful and safe balancing operation.

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