Assembled vacuum pumps rotors balancing

We have developed and implemented the stands balancing the assembled high-speed vacuum pumps rotors.

These rotors have very high demands on the balancing quality (1st class according to the ISO 22061-76), since their operating rate is 42,000 – 60,000 r/min.

The required balancing quality of such rotors required special technology, which provided the implementation of two main stages.

At the first stage, when the pump rotor rotation rate does not exceed 8,000 rpm and the rotor remains rigid, the main components of its power and couple imbalance are compensated. At the same time, our devices steadily achieve the level of residual vibration lower 0.01 mm/s in the rate range from 3,500 to 8,000 rpm.

After that, the second stage provides the rotor re-balancing at an operating rate, reaching 42,000 or 60,000 rpm, depending on the pump design.

At this rate, exceeding the rotation one, the rotor becomes flexible and deformed.

As a result, additional balancing is required to compensate for the imbalance occurred.

The residual vibration of the rotor, achieved in the second stage, does not exceed 0.3 mm/s, guaranteeing product’s long period trouble-free operation.

The balancing full cycle time of this unique product usually does not exceed 30 minutes.

One should note the high economic efficiency of the implemented project. For example, one of the stands for balancing vacuum pumps, equipped with our balancing device, costs the customer 6,000 euros.

Assembled vacuum pumps rotors balancing