Balancing of a Fan Impeller at a Repair Plant

At a repair facility, the task at hand was the balancing of a fan impeller. Utilizing the Balanset-1A dynamic rotor balancing device, the process was initiated with the measurement of the initial vibration. Following the established procedure:

  1. The initial vibration was measured.
  2. Calibration or test weights were set up. The Balanset-1A device accurately gauged the variation in vibration with a weight of known mass at a specified point.
  3. Based on the data obtained, corrective weights were affixed or mass was removed. The device precisely calculated the angle and weight needed to balance the rotor.
  4. The results were then verified.

The outcome was impressive. After balancing, the vibration values were reduced significantly to 1.7 mm/s and 0.8 mm/s respectively, ensuring the fan impeller's efficient operation. Such an achievement, facilitated by the Balanset-1A, showcases its prowess in field balancing and vibration analysis.

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