This article addresses the issue of imbalance in radial fan rotors used in shopping center cooling systems. It presents an effective balancing method using the Balanset-1A device, which optimizes fan operation, reduces noise levels, extends lifespan, increases energy efficiency, and enhances system reliability.

Ensuring Comfort and Safety

Creating a comfortable and safe environment for visitors and staff is a priority in modern shopping centers. Radial fans are widely used to ensure air circulation. However, over time, the rotors of these fans may become unbalanced, leading to several issues:

  • - Increased noise and vibration;
  • - Reduced bearing lifespan;
  • - Higher energy consumption;
  • - Increased risk of breakdowns.

Balancing Methods for Radial Fan Rotors

To resolve issues caused by rotor imbalance, various balancing methods are employed. This article focuses on the Balanset-1A balancing method, known for its simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability in optimizing radial fan operations.

Balanset-1A Balancing Method Description

  • - Measuring initial vibration levels: The Balanset-1A device measures the initial vibration levels of fan rotors.
  • - Placing balancing weights: Balancing weights of known mass are installed on both sides of the rotors using special fixtures.
  • - Calculating balancing parameters: Based on the results of vibration remeasurement, Balanset-1A automatically calculates the precise mass and angle for placing the balancing weights required to achieve optimal balance.

Benefits of Balanset-1A Balancing

  • - Noise Reduction: Balancing the rotor blades significantly reduces noise levels, creating a more comfortable acoustic environment in the shopping center.
  • - Increased Lifespan: Reducing vibration and optimizing bearing operation leads to a substantial increase in the cooling system's lifespan.
  • - Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Balanced fans provide more efficient air circulation, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.
  • - Improved Reliability: Lower vibrational loads decrease the risk of breakdowns and ensure continuous cooling system operation.

Results of Applying the Balanset-1A Balancing Method

The application of the Balanset-1A balancing method in a large shopping center's cooling system has led to:

  • - Noise Reduction by 5-7 dB: Ensuring a comfortable acoustic environment for visitors and staff.
  • - Increased Bearing Lifespan by 20-30%: Reducing maintenance costs of the cooling system.
  • - Reduced Energy Consumption by 10-15%: Enhancing energy efficiency and optimizing operational expenses.
  • - Elimination of Breakdowns Related to Imbalance: Ensuring uninterrupted operation of the cooling system.


Balancing radial fan rotors with the Balanset-1A device is a simple yet highly effective measure that optimizes the operation of shopping center cooling systems. Regular balancing activities provide numerous economic and operational benefits and contribute to a comfortable and safe environment for visitors and staff.


Implementing the Balanset-1A balancing method as part of a maintenance program for the shopping center's cooling system will:

  • - Enhance comfort and safety;
  • - Reduce operational expenses;
  • - Increase energy efficiency;
  • - Ensure continuous system operation.

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