Balancing of Mill Rotors

Something interesting: balancing the crusher.

Imbalance in mill rotors can result in accelerated bearing wear and increased energy consumption, both of which are undesirable for efficient milling operations.

Identified Issue:
Upon inspection, a pronounced axial vibration was observed in the mill rotors. Further investigation pinpointed the cause to be a misalignment of the semi-couplings.

To rectify the situation:

  1. Alignment: The misaligned semi-couplings were meticulously realigned to their correct positions.
  2. Balancing: Subsequent to the alignment, the rotors underwent a comprehensive balancing process to ensure smooth operation.

After the realignment and balancing procedures, the vibration issue was completely resolved, allowing the mill to operate at its optimal efficiency.

The precise balancing and alignment of mill rotors are vital for their optimal functioning. Addressing misalignments and imbalances promptly ensures uninterrupted and efficient milling processes.

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