Dynamic Rotor Balancing of an Old Crusher Using Balanset-1A


The task at hand was to dynamically balance the rotor of a considerably aged crusher. For this critical operation, the Balanset-1A device was employed.

Upon initial inspection, the crusher was found to be in dire shape, rendering it unsuitable for use. The Balanset-1A confirmed the rotor's significant imbalance, which was further exacerbated by underlying issues:

Both bearings were identified as worn out and in urgent need of replacement.
The frame housing the rotor showed signs of deterioration and required repair.
Due to excessive wear, the hammers couldn't be securely affixed to the rotor.
To achieve the desired balance, weights exceeding 50 kg were necessary.
Given these complications, the balancing process was intricate. However, with the precision and capabilities of the Balanset-1A, steps were methodically undertaken to address the rotor's imbalance.

Successful balancing brings forth numerous benefits: a reduction in noise levels, prolonged bearing lifespan, minimized energy consumption, and fewer machine breakdowns. However, while the Balanset-1A could address the rotor's balance, it was evident that the crusher required comprehensive refurbishment. The age and wear of the crusher highlighted the need for a holistic approach to its restoration, encompassing both balancing and repair of its crucial components.

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