Fans balancing

Balancing devices are in great demand at the enterprises manufacturing and operating fans. More than 40 enterprises in Estonia, Croatia, Slovakia, Peru, Indonesia, India, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine etc engaged in the production of these products use our equipment when balancing fans rotor wheels within their own bearings.

Our balancing devices have also been introduced at more than 50 enterprises of the milling industry in Jamaica , Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Canada, United States of America, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan etc 🙂 where fans are one of the main types of technological equipment.

An important reason for higher interest of these enterprises in these devices (but for high quality balancing and relatively low cost) is the simplicity of their application, allowing their operation by medium-skilled workers.

Besides, the time spent on training a specialist to operate the devices like “Balancet-1” does not exceed 3-4 hours.

Fans balancing Balanset-1