Balancing of Mulcher Rotor with Balanset-1A

High levels of vibration in a mulcher can severely hamper its performance and lead to increased wear and tear of bearings. In a case involving a forestry mulcher, the Balanset-1A instrument was used to dynamically balance its rotor. This procedure not only reduced vibrations but also brought several benefits.

Balancing Process:

Initial Vibration Measurement: With the mulcher operating at a low speed, the Balanset-1A instrument measured the initial levels of vibration.
Test Weight Placement: Weights of a known mass were placed on both sides of the rotor to create a change in vibration.
Vibration Change Measurement: The Balanset-1A instrument measured the change in vibration resulting from the test weights.
Balancing Calculation: Using the measured data, the instrument calculated the necessary mass and placement angle of the weights required to achieve balance.

Advantages of Balancing:

Noise Reduction: By reducing the vibrations, the mulcher operates at lower noise levels.
Extended Bearing Lifespan: Proper balancing prolongs the service life of the mulcher's bearings, saving on replacement costs.
Energy Efficiency: The mulcher uses less fuel when operating with balanced rotors.
Decreased Breakdowns: Lower vibrations result in fewer mechanical failures, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
The mulcher initially experienced severe vibration, making it necessary to balance the rotor even at a very low speed. Following the balancing procedure, the rotor's vibration level dropped to around 0.5 mm/sec at an operating frequency of 1500-1600 rpm. This significant reduction in vibration not only improved the efficiency and longevity of the mulcher but also resulted in a quieter and more stable operation.

Dynamic balancing of the mulcher's rotor, performed using the Balanset-1A instrument, proved to be a valuable maintenance procedure. By drastically reducing vibrations, it enhanced the machine's performance, extended its lifespan, and lowered the risk of breakdowns. This investment in proper balancing paid off by ensuring a more efficient and reliable operation of the mulcher.