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Balanset Series Comparison


Number of Balancing Planes42
Balanset Interface Unit
Vibration Sensors4 pieces2 pieces
Optical Sensor (Laser Tachometer)
Magnetic Stand
Plastic Transportation Case
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Balanset-4 is a four-channel device suitable for balancing cardan shafts or rotors installed in 4 supports, often used for creating machines to balance cardan shafts.

The primary distinction between the devices lies in their balancing capabilities and channels. Balanset-1A is equipped with 2 channels and is designed for dynamic balancing in two planes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including crushers, fans, mulchers, augers on combines, shafts, centrifuges, turbines, and many others.

Conversely, Balanset-4 features 4 channels and is developed for dynamic balancing in four planes, typically used for balancing cardan shafts or as a measurement system for balancing machines with four supports.


Vibrometer mode:
  • Tachometer: Accurately measures RPM.
  • Phase: Determines vibration signal’s phase angle.
  • 1x vibration: Analyzes the fundamental frequency.
  • FFT spectrum: Detailed frequency spectrum analysis.
  • Overall vibration: Monitors overall vibration levels.
  • Measurement log: Stores data for analysis.
Balancing mode:
  • Single to Four plane balancing: From single to four planes for dynamic balancing.
  • Polar graph: Visualizes imbalance for accurate weight placement.
  • Tolerance calculator (ISO 1940): Calculates acceptable balancing tolerance.
  • Overall charts: Visual representation of overall vibration.
  • 1x charts: Displays fundamental frequency vibration patterns.
  • Harmonic charts: Shows harmonic frequencies’ impact.
  • Spectrum charts: Graphical frequency spectrum analysis.
Additional capabilities:
  • Archive: Access previous sessions.
  • Reports: Detailed balancing reports.
  • Re-balancing: Repeat process with saved data.
  • Serial production balancing: For serial rotor balancing.


  • 4x vibration sensors (Analog Devices ADXL series).
  • 1x optical sensor (laser).
  • 1x USB interface module with PC software.
  • Software measures vibration, phase angle, and correction mass calculation.


  • Amplitude vibration range: 0.05-100 mm/sec.
  • Vibration frequency range: 5 – 300 Hz.
  • Accuracy: 5%.
  • Correction planes: 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  • Rotation speed measuring: 150-60000 rpm.
  • Phase angle measurement accuracy: ±1 degree.
  • Power supply: from PC USB port.
  • Weight: 4 KG.


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