Dynamic Balancing of Leather Shaving Machine Rotor Using Balanset-1A

Impeccable leather processing is a foundational factor in producing high-quality leather goods. Achieving this requires not only refined craftsmanship but also reliable equipment. A critical component in the leather processing sequence is the leather shaving machine, where the hide is evenly trimmed to achieve the necessary thickness.

The Problem of Vibration

Unfortunately, the operation of the leather shaving machine is not always smooth. Vibrations occurring during the rotor's operation can lead to defects on the leather, reduced productivity, and premature equipment wear.

Solution: Rotor Balancing with Balanset-1A

To address the vibration issue, dynamic rotor balancing technology was applied using the highly precise Balanset-1A device.

Balancing Process

  • - Initial vibration measurement: Using Balanset-1A, the initial level of rotor vibration was measured.
  • - Placement of calibration weights: Calibration weights of known mass were alternately placed on both sides of the rotor.
  • - Calculation of balancing parameters: Balanset-1A, analyzing the change in vibration with the addition of calibration weights, calculated the mass and angle of installation for the balancing weights needed to achieve perfect balance.
  • - Installation of balancing weights: The balancing weights determined by calculation were installed on the rotor according to the calculated parameters.


The implementation of rotor balancing technology using Balanset-1A has brought about several significant benefits:

  • - Noise level reduction: Significant reduction in the operational noise of the leather shaving machine.
  • - Extended bearing life: Prolonged operational life of bearings due to reduced vibrational load.
  • - Increased efficiency: Reduced energy consumption due to smoother engine operation.
  • - Enhanced reliability: Reduced breakdowns and downtime of equipment.

Applying Balanset-1A for dynamic rotor balancing in the leather shaving machine has proven its effectiveness. Eliminating unwanted vibrations ensures impeccable leather processing without any defects. Balancing not only enhances the quality of the finished leather but also contributes to increased efficiency and longevity of equipment.

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