Reducing Vibration: Rotor Balancing of a Ferri Mulcher on a Hitachi Excavator

Balancing the rotor of a Ferri mulcher installed on a Hitachi excavator is a critical procedure aimed at vibration reduction and overall equipment longevity. So, what could be the root causes of rotor imbalance and its ensuing vibration? Using Balanset-1A for rotor balancing ensures a hassle-free experience.

1. Mass Difference in Cutters:

It is advisable to balance the mulcher with new cutters, as the mass difference between a new and an old cutter could be as much as 500 grams. Given that a single mulcher may have between 30 to 50 of these, the imbalance could be significant.

2. Extreme Operating Conditions:

Mulchers are consistently subjected to extreme loads and challenging working conditions. Vibration could be emanating from cracks that have developed on the mulcher's body due to mechanical damage or wear and tear.

3. Bearings:

The simplest way to check the bearings is to remove the belts from the pulley and shake the rotor with a large crowbar. If there's any play, the bearings must be replaced. Unfortunately, mulcher operators often forget to regularly grease the bearings with high-temperature lubricant.

4. Incorrect Bearing Installation:

When installing new bearings, it's crucial to make sure they aren't overtightened. After their installation, manually spin the rotor; it should rotate freely without any resistance.

5. Rotor Contact with Housing:

The rotor should not make contact or rub against any stationary elements within the housing, as this could cause excessive vibration and additional wear.


Rotor balancing of a Ferri mulcher on a Hitachi excavator using Balanset-1A is a pivotal step in ensuring the efficient operation of your equipment. Regular maintenance and attention to detail can significantly reduce vibration, extend the lifespan of your mulcher, and lower repair costs.

For our customers, we offer ongoing support through WhatsApp, and in terms of warranty, both Balanset-1A and Balanset-4 devices come with a one-year warranty. Free shipping is also available for full sets, ensuring a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for all your rotor balancing needs.


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