Restoring Smooth Operation of the Nokamic Mulcher: Rotor Balancing with Balanset-1A

Nokamic mulchers, known for their reliability in clearing land and disposing of plant debris, sometimes encounter vibration issues. Excessive vibration not only reduces operator comfort but can also lead to accelerated wear of components and even failures.

Problem: Vibration in the Nokamic Mulcher

A regular client approached me with a complaint about severe vibration in his Nokamic mulcher. An initial inspection revealed that the source of the problem was rotor imbalance.

Solution: Precise Balancing with Balanset-1A

To address this issue, I used the Balanset-1A, a portable vibration analyzer and balancing machine known for its simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency.

Process of Balancing the Nokamic Mulcher Rotor

  • - Initial Measurement: Balanset-1A was connected to the mulcher's rotor to accurately assess the level of vibration.
  • - Calibration Weight Placement: Based on the data from Balanset-1A, the weight and location of the calibration weight were determined.
  • - Re-measurement: After installing the calibration weight, Balanset-1A conducted another vibration measurement.

Result: Significant Reduction in Vibration

The outcome exceeded all expectations. After balancing the rotor with Balanset-1A, the level of vibration in the Nokamic mulcher was reduced by more than ten times.

Benefits of Balancing the Nokamic Mulcher Rotor

  • - Smooth Operation: Reducing vibration allows for smoother operation of the mulcher, making the process less tiring for the operator.
  • - Extended Lifespan: Balancing the rotor promotes even load distribution, which extends the lifespan of bearings and other components.
  • - Prevention of Breakdowns: Lower vibration reduces the risk of failures caused by fatigue damage.
  • - Increased Efficiency: Rotor balancing can enhance the efficiency of the mulcher, reducing fuel consumption.


Balanset-1A has once again proven its effectiveness as an indispensable tool for rotor balancing. The use of Balanset-1A allowed for rapid and precise correction of the rotor imbalance in the Nokamic mulcher, significantly reducing vibration levels and ensuring uninterrupted operation. This example vividly demonstrates how timely balancing can extend the life of equipment, enhance its performance, and safety.

Recommendations for Preventing Vibration in the Nokamic Mulcher:

  • - Regular Checks: Routinely check the vibration level of the mulcher with Balanset-1A or another suitable vibration analyzer.
  • - Timely Maintenance: Perform timely maintenance and lubrication of the mulcher in accordance with manufacturer instructions.
  • - Quality Parts: Use only original or high-quality parts for repairs and maintenance of the mulcher.

Important: Do not ignore the problem of vibration in the mulcher. Timely diagnosis and correction of rotor imbalance with Balanset-1A will help maintain the functionality of your machinery, enhance its performance, and safety.


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