In the world of heavy machinery, where crusher rotors spin at colossal speeds, imbalance can lead not only to accelerated bearing wear and loosening of fastenings but also to creating hazardous working conditions. Resonance, occurring when the rotation frequency coincides with the rotor's natural frequency, distorts vibration measurements, complicating the balancing process.

Initial Analysis: Diagnosing Problems with Resonance

The initial vibration measurements of the crusher rotor revealed strong resonance at the operating frequency, necessitating the elimination of these distortions to obtain accurate data.

Securing the Rotor: Eliminating Resonance Vibration

Securely mounting the rotor to the floor using mechanical fixtures was an effective solution for suppressing resonance, providing stability during measurements.

Balanset-1A: Key to Accurate Balancing

After securing the rotor, Balanset-1A – a device for dynamic balancing and vibration measurement – was employed once again for vibration analysis.

Results: Accurate Measurements and Effective Balancing

Eliminating resonance and accurate measurements

New measurements confirmed the successful elimination of resonance at the operating frequency, allowing for reliable data on the true vibration level. Balanset-1A recorded a significant reduction in vibration compared to the initial diagnosis, confirming distortions caused by resonance.

Effective balancing of the crusher rotor

Based on accurate data, Balanset-1A calculated the optimal placement and mass of correction weights, ensuring perfect balancing of the rotor.

Key Benefits of Eliminating Resonance in Crusher Rotors

  • - Optimization of equipment life: Reducing vibration in the crusher extends the life of bearings, shafts, and fastening elements, minimizing the risk of unplanned downtime for repairs or replacements.
  • - Improved working conditions: A balanced rotor reduces noise and vibration levels affecting operators, making the work environment safer and more comfortable.
  • - Confidence in maintenance: Accurate diagnostics, achieved by eliminating resonance, enhance the effectiveness of subsequent balancing procedures necessary throughout the equipment's lifespan.


This report demonstrates the importance of eliminating resonance for accurate vibration assessment in rotating equipment. Securely mounting the rotor is an effective method to combat misalignments and in this case, was a crucial factor for successful crusher balancing. Balanset-1A has proven itself as a reliable solution for diagnostics and balancing, especially in the challenging conditions of machinery operation.


  • - Regularly perform balancing of crusher rotors to maintain optimal equipment condition.
  • - Use Balanset-1A for accurate diagnostics and balancing of rotors.
  • - When necessary, secure the rotor to eliminate resonance vibration.

By following these recommendations, you can:

  • - Extend the life of your crusher.
  • - Reduce maintenance and repair costs.
  • - Increase safety and comfort for operators.
  • - Improve crusher performance.

Balanset-1A – your reliable assistant in ensuring uninterrupted operation of your crusher!

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Nikolai Shelkovenko · September 9, 2023 at 12:30 am

It should be noted that the mulcher rotor should be balanced with the mulcher raised. OR by pulling the mulcher firmly against the foundation.

It is not enough just to put it on stands. It is necessary to pull it very tightly against the foundation.

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