Balancing Coolers for Medical Equipment

Balancing a Batch of 100 Coolers

In response to a request from a medical equipment manufacturer, we undertook the task of balancing a batch of 100 coolers. Our process demonstrated high precision and effectiveness, significantly reducing vibration levels.

Building a Stand for Cooler Balancing

To accomplish this task, we constructed a stand consisting of a lightweight platform suspended on steel strings. This minimized external influences and provided precise and stable conditions for balancing.

Using Epoxy Compound for Balancing

We used a fast-curing epoxy compound as the corrective mass, applying it to the microfan blades. The applied masses were extremely small, usually not exceeding a few hundredths of a gram, highlighting the precision of the operation.

Results of Cooler Balancing

The final result was impressive: the vibration levels in the coolers were reduced more than tenfold, with measurements ranging from 0.01 to 0.05 mm/s. These figures are well below acceptable limits, confirming the success of the balancing process and the improved performance of the coolers.

Conclusion on Balancing Coolers for Medical Equipment

Our experience in balancing coolers has shown the importance of a precise and professional approach. The use of specialized equipment and high-quality materials allowed us to significantly reduce vibration, enhancing the performance and longevity of the coolers. We are proud to contribute to the improved operation of medical equipment, ensuring its reliability and safety for patients.